About Us

Meet Your Mind Online is a mental health hub that was created with the intent to one day normalise the conversation around the health of our minds. We aim to turn the stigma of reaching out for help into an empowering experience no matter what the problem may be as we believe we all deserve to live comfortably within our own minds.


Meet Your Mind Online is a mental health hub that offers online sessions with qualified counsellors, therapists and coaches to help you put positive routines into practice as well as relieving the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and trauma.


A catalyst for mental well-being, we will develop, grow and provide excellence in services for yourself and your loved ones. Responsive to the needs of our clients, we will continue to nurture an environment that is safe, professional and confidential. The team is highly experienced and they are ready to help you meet your mind.

Our Values


Meet Your Mind offers a safe, empathetic, professional and ethical service for the alleviation of personal distress and suffering and the development of your personal growth and well-being.


Meet Your Mind is consistently respectful of your human rights, dignity and accepting of the diversity of your culture and life experiences without prejudice.


Meet Your Mind will treat you fairly with the utmost integrity for the therapeutic relationship, your personal safety, and access to the services offered.


Meet Your Mind will professionally manage and respect your right to privacy and confidentiality and consider your own autonomy and legal frameworks for managing disclosure.

Jessica Kelly
Founder & CEO
Tracy L. Klucina
Clinical Director
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