Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Liza, a qualified and certified counsellor, has 13 years of experience working with adults to address unresolved issues that have manifested into trauma, anxiety and depression. Liza will draw upon a range of different therapy approaches influenced by person-centred and psychodynamic theories to meet your individual needs.

Liza Butler
Shereen El Gazzar

Shereen is a bilingual Marriage and Family Therapist. She works with individuals, couples and families. Shereen received her Master of Science degree from Northwestern University in the United States. She is also trained in Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Shereen uses mindfulness, attachment theory and research in neuroscience to bring a deep and lasting transformation for her individual and couple clients. Prior to Shereen's therapy experience, she covered political and financial news for The Wall Street Journal while also covering the war in Iraq.

Mario De-Crescenzo

Mario, a qualified life transformation coach, has 16 years experience coaching and mentoring across Europe, Asia and India. Although an experienced business mentor, his passion lies with helping people overcome a range of emotional issues from anxiety and depression to addiction. Mario’s style is very much a blend of coaching and mentoring whilst developing tailored transformation programmes, depending on each client's circumstances. A passionate figure with rich life experience, Mario is motivating and committed to helping each of his clients believe in themselves and live a life beyond what they thought possible.

Annie Fontaine

Annie, a qualified life coach, has 17 years of experience working with clients on relationships, family, career and everyday struggles. She focuses on building confidence and looks at the whole of someone's life in order to create a healthy and balanced body and mind. Annie has a regular weekly spot on Business Talk Radio in New York discussing different topics and holding Q and A programs. She is motivating, passionate and results-driven.

Nick Messikh

Nick, a qualified and certified clinical trauma practitioner and addiction therapist, has over 12 years of experience covering a wide range of services and interventions within the addiction field. He is a fully accredited member of FDAP and has an advanced diploma in addiction counselling. Nick works with both substance and process addictions including behavioural health, mental health and complex needs. Nick works within an ethical framework with an accredited supervisor.

Sandi James

Sandi, an Australian registered psychologist, has over 10 years of experience working in mental health, eating disorder treatment and individualised treatments for addictions and trauma. Her primary interests lie in mental illness and trauma recovery, with a particular focus on individuals with co-morbid presentations. She works with individuals couples and groups and is a qualified CBT therapist, ACT clinician, CBT for eating disorders and DBT practitioner. Sandi was employed at the Universiti Malaysia Sabah for 2 years prior to relocating to Thailand to pursue further clinical expertise and practice in addiction and trauma treatment. Sandi is currently undertaking her PhD candidature in the school of Social Work and Social Policy with La Trobe University, Australia.

Tatjana VanDieken

Tatjana (aka “TJ”), a qualified and certified counsellor, has 15 years experience within the addiction and recovery field. She attended university twice and received her AAS in Substance Abuse Counseling at Schenectady Co. Community College/2005, and her BSc, at Grand Canyon University/2016 (Counseling with a focus on Addiction Studies). TJ also has also learned techniques like SFBT, CBT, Narrative Therapy and 12 Step therapy to further her skill set. Helping those afflicted with addiction is her passion, however TJ recognizes that addiction does not exist in a vacuum, hence is able to help those who suffer with anxiety, depression, bipolar and some personality disorders.

Tracy L. Klucina

Tracy, an American licensed clinical addiction specialist and certified clinical supervisor, has  over 26 years in the addiction and mental health field and also holds a masters degree in Human Relations. Her career first began in the U.S. Navy and since retiring has worked in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Tracy has been in senior management positions such as Clinical Director, Program Manager and Quality Assurance Officer and over the last 3 years has focused on her passion within quality assurance and program development. Being a therapist gives her the unique ability to understand the clients needs and balance them with the company’s strategic plan using her skills to help Meet Your Mind be the leading international online counseling platform available.

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