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Cultivating a Culture of Wellbeing
Our Experts. Your People.

Cultivating a Culture of Wellbeing
Our Experts. Your People.

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Wellbeing Courses

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Wellbeing Content

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Mindset Coaching

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Mindset Coaching

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Benefits of Counselling

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Skill building workshops are a great way to bring the teamtogether again after some isolated working and while this canbuild morale, it can also help improve business performanceand profit while giving employees the opportunity to bond withone another outside of the usual working schedule. Our teambuilds workshops to help with communication, managementskills, compassion in the workplace and performance, plus afew more… The benefits of hosting workshops can increase youremployee’s contribution to the business, bring the teamtogether and also help build their self-esteem. 

Give your employees access to expert advice in a creative manner that stimulates and motivates them. 


We have experts in a number of subjects and have tailoredapproaches to problems such as bereavement, stress, anxiety,productivity, working from home, returning to work and burnout.Unlike our skill building workshops, our webinars are more of aninformative and educational service. If you have limited timebut still want the team to learn some new information aroundmental health and wellness, we recommend these. We aim tohelp remove barriers around location and financialaccessibility and help your employees build skills to deal withrelevant issues inside and outside of the workplace. 

Give your employees access to expert advice in a creative manner that stimulates and motivates them. 

Explore the techniques of mindfulness and discover how mental wellbeing can better assist you to gain a higher ground in modern life.

The stresses of life, maintaining the important daily tasks and managing our health and wellbeing can be overwhelming at the best of times.

At Meet Your Mind Online, we understand how those stresses can have a knock on effect throughout your life and have created products and services that will ease the pressure.

Our experts offer a tailored approach to wellbeing whether you need assistance in your personal life or your business. While it is important to have staff that are trained and know their job inside and out, it is also very important that they are present at the time they show up for work. If you or your staff are consumed with overwhelm, burnout, anxiety and stress then there is a large chance your minds are not on the task at hand.


Are you looking for a new way to look at life? Maybe a more positive one?

Do you feel like you could benefit from new and manageable ways to manage your stress and anxiety

Would you like to learn about the relationship between your thoughts and feelings and how they can improve your experiences?

Could a new way of thinking benefit your wellbeing, relationships, passions and work?

Would you like to know how you can take back the power to create the life of your dreams?

If you answered yes to any of these we'ed love to hear from you!


  • Decreased stress, anxiety and burnout in life & work
  • Goal setting and time management to improve performance
  • New tools on how to help others and point them in the right direction of assistance
  • Building healthy habits, both in the workplace and at home


  • Decreased employee absenteeism
  • Lower turnover rates among employees
  • Established a reputation as an employer that cares about staff
  • Improved employee performance which will lead to productivity gains
  • Productive way to handle sensitive situations or staff members with problematic behaviours


We at Meet Your Mind Online are here to help employers and employees develop strong coping skills to work through their personal issues. Our services will help improve overall wellbeing, which in turn will be seen in your customer and consumer satisfaction. With our easy access content and courses, you can be supported any time of the day. If you prefer to offer a more hands-on approach, our counsellors or coaches are also available for 1-1 sessions. 

Increase Learning, Creativity & Productivity

Be Fully Present

Thrive in Any Environment

Increase learning, creativity and productivity

Be fully present

Thrive in any environment

Understand Emotions

Improved Relationships

Identify Limiting Beliefs

Understand your emotions

Improve your relationships

Identify any limiting beliefs


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Incorporate powerful wellbeing into your life to keep you flourishing amidst challenging times. By learning key practices and implementing them you will gain peace of mind and enhance performance.

Practicing self care has been so easy.

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