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How I Met My Mind #MyMostAuthenticSelf

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

My first mental health issue was bulimia from 12 years old, coupled with depression. The food obsession plagued my mind along with self-harming and later years of alcohol and substance abuse. 

I always struggled with very low self-esteem and just wanted to be someone everyone else considered acceptable but I didn’t really know who that was. In my teenage years, I had therapy to tackle some of the issues I was experiencing and this gave me a chance to open up. Soon after though, I moved away from therapy as appeared to have got better. On the surface I had and I built a level of confidence that helped me handle most things life threw at me, however, I subconsciously buried the deeper stuff and addiction took a hold of me in the years to come, without even realising.

I managed to have a fairly successful career so appeared to be functioning but further down the line experienced some trauma which eventually led me to a breakdown and the depths of my addiction. I was then faced with having to look deep into myself. I was only able to do this with a therapist who I could be open and honest with. They helped me explore my innermost thoughts and feelings to gain an understanding of some of the negative behaviours that drove my life and were as natural to me as breathing was!

I felt relieved I was able to understand my mental health on a broader scale - eating disorders, anxiety, depression and overcoming my addiction. I had finally met my mind and was ready to get to know it more.

I never want to stop this journey of self-discovery and by finding a professional I trusted was the first step to my freedom. This is an ongoing journey and I am blessed to now be growing into the person I truly am, the most authentic version of me. 

If you would like to share the story of how you met your mind, please send an email to info@meetyourmindonline.com

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