Amit Vyas


Amit Vyas

£45.00 50 minutes


  • MBACP Membership Number: 346837


Amit is a psychodynamic psychotherapist. He will work on a deep level to help people to understand their personal journey through life, and how their relationships in the past and the present have helped shape who they are. Amit has worked in the wider mental health field with people who have severe mental health conditions, as well as those who have had difficult or traumatic life circumstances.

He is fascinated with the science around well-being and human optimisation; which is about the lifestyle and behaviours that best help people to flourish as individuals. Through this work Amit has come to develop a style that blends talking therapy, CBT as well as developing well-being and self-care through lifestyle, diet and fostering good relationships with oneself and others.

As a child of immigrant parents, Amit also understands first-hand how different cultural influences can complicate the relationship you might have both with yourself and with the outside world. How their can be a divided self that operates in two different cultural worlds and the struggle to be seen in either for who you feel that you are inside. If you feel conflicted about your identity and your place in the world, or if you are struggling to manage your family dynamics or find your voice, he is happy to work with you. Amit strongly believes that there is a better alternative to medication for anxiety and depression.

That these are symptoms of an overwhelming life pain that is too often attacked via anti-depressants when what is really needed is for someone to help you make sense of your life. It is not easy nor is it a painless process – but all that it takes is a commitment to begin the work. Amit will match your commitment by being with you for the journey to self-healing.

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