Jennifer Jones


Jennifer Jones

£45.00 50 minutes

Jenn is a CBT certified, ACT focused counsellor with a background in mental health nursing, aged care and addictions. She has personal experience and understanding of how anxiety and depression can take hold of your life and take you away from the life you desire. As a nurse, Jenn moved a long way outside her comfort zone and understands implicitly how uncomfortable that feels. But in doing so, she discovered a feeling of fulfilment and accomplishment that she had not experienced before.

She found her vocation in the field of mental health helping those who struggled with depression and anxiety, psychosis, and addiction. Jenn was drawn to working with older people, those suffering with chronic illness and pain, experiencing the grief of losing loved ones, and the emotional confrontation of losing independence. She was especially moved by those entering the frightening journey of dementia along with their families who suffered alongside them.

Jenn’s interest in addictions led her to the world of drug and alcohol rehab in South East Asia where she has been working since 2014, initially in Malaysia and more recently in the north of Thailand. She has stepped away from nursing and has moved into group facilitation, coaching and counselling.

She has developed and presented group programs for clients attending inpatient rehabs as well as individual counselling for those caught in the cycle of addiction, driven by anxiety and depression and the belief that they are not good enough. Jenn uses a CBT approach focussed on ACT principles of acceptance, values-based action and psychological flexibility.

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