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Paul, a meditation teacher and coach, has over 10 years of experience studying and practising many forms of mindfulness, awareness and meditation. His own teachers being masters such like Paul Garrigan, Jack Kornfield, Linnaree Teptae & others. Meditation has been proven to help so many aspects of a person’s life, with such conditions like anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, memory loss, panic disorder and more. Paul will take you through many interesting & beautiful philosophies & guided practices, analysing what path is the best approach to take. This is for you to understand and get comfortable with meditation, moving forward with it in the best way possible.

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4 reviews for Paul Martin


    I have been a meditating for close to 40 years. Paul has that unique combination of style, tone and cadence to make it feel fresh everytime. What a pleasure to have found him here on Meet Your Mind. He is a gem!

  2. Joakim

    If you never tried meditation before, this is where it begins. Truly a great experience and I can strongly recommend you trying this with a great instructor and individual as Paul has showed me. I am certainly going to proceed with this through the guidance from a master mind as P has shown to be in this field.

  3. James McManaman

    I have found Paul’s Introduction to Meditation series extremely interesting and enjoyable. He has made me feel welcome, and facilitated a wonderful group participation in each of the sessions. His calm, genuine style adds significantly to the experience. I have invited friends to join in the group meditations and everyone has been complimentary of Paul. Highly recommended!

  4. Petra Nahlikova

    Paul is everything you want in an meditation instructor; calm, kind, patient and very good at explaining various techniques to find the one that suits you the most. It’s been a fantastic and useful experience and I can’t recommend Paul high enough.

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