Sandi James


Sandi James

£45.00 50 minutes


  • General Psychologist PSY0001283033
  • International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals – Membership #2193



Sandi James is an Australian registered psychologist with more than 10 years working in mental health and addiction treatment. Her primary interests lie in mental illness and trauma recovery, with a particular focus on individuals with co-morbid presentations.

Sandi specialises in the treatment of Food and Eating Disorders, including working with people trying to find a healthier relationship with food and eating. I will work together with you to improve your relationship with food and your body.

Whatever the goal, you can expect realistic and individualised solutions based on compassionate and non-judgemental therapeutic techniques that are tailored to your individual needs. Food is often centred around celebration and tradition; it can be how we connect with others and care for ourselves. But for many people, it is also connected to feelings of self-worth, accomplishment or failure, and our identity can be strongly fused with how we think we appear.

Looking at your relationship with food and body image or thinking about making changes to eating habits can be challenging and overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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