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Feeling Your Feelings

This article has been sitting in my drafts for months. I have attempted to write about the process of feeling our feelings and yet, I came up short every time. Every time I tried to put something constructive onto paper, it never read right or made little sense. I just couldn’t put my feelings down on paper.

I realised recently, I am only as wise as I am today and often, I’m not that wise.
While I may feel like I know everything at this moment because I have experienced my life subjectively, sometimes I need to be patient and allow new information, new feelings or new experiences to come into my life and to the surface so I can express them in ways that are manageable and concise.

I needed to really understand what ‘feeling my feelings’ meant, be humble enough to acknowledge that I am not the smartest in the room and also be vulnerable enough to say that sometimes the process hurts and it’s not as simple as attempting to intellectually decipher them. So here is the new attempt of the blog, with a little more vulnerability and humility. Hopefully it makes sense and can help.

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What is The Point in Setting a Goal if You Don’t Know Why You Want it?

Having goals is helpful in generating a fulfilling life. The process helps us to take active steps to achieve a desired outcome, but what if we are not sure of what our desired outcome is? How do we define exactly what we want, if we lack any direction on what makes us happy? Should we be looking for financial freedom if our underlying beliefs are that wealthy people are bad? What about relationships, should our end goal be to be married and have a family, if we are unsure of what love is and how to generate it for ourselves first? Should our first goal be to generate peace within ourselves and then add all the beautiful life experiences second?

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