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Explore wellbeing in the comfort of your own home.
The Journey is Yours.

Explore wellbeing in the comfort of your own home.
The Journey is Yours.

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The Wellbeing Hub was created for those who are not yet ready to speak to someone 1-1 but would still like to explore ways to maintain their own mental wellbeing. The hub is filled with videos, interactive toolkits and resources that will help educate users on mindset and wellbeing at home and at work. 

What is Mental Wellbeing?

Mental wellbeing influences how we feel, think and act. Our personal mental wellbeing determines how we handle stressful situations, choices, and reactions. Mental wellbeing is important at every stage of our life and needs to be constantly maintained throughout life. Poor mental wellbeing leads us to live a more difficult life.


Introduction to Mental Health 

Introduction to Mental Wellbeing

Our Beliefs & Why They Are Important

The Relationship Between Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions

Managing Anxiety & Stress

Practices To Maintain Wellbeing

Wellbeing At Work

How To Maintain A Good Work-Life Balance 

& More


Jess is very precise with her coaching. She is able to identify limiting beliefs and offer strategies to shift your mindset. Easy to understand and implement information. Definitely recommend!
reviewed by Jaz
I have had a few sessions with Jess now, and I now realise how valuable her services are. She is clear and concise and easily identifies your limiting beliefs, to then guide you on how to work with them. She is warming while welcoming and discussing blocks and hesitations with Jess comes easily and with flow. Jess’s realism is an incredibly valuable aspect of her sessions, as she doesn’t set you any tasks or challenges that are not achievable, she allows a step by step process in order for you to achieve and in turn receive. I highly recommend booking a session with Jess if you are feeling, stuck or unsure and are seeking guidance. It is an incredible investment! Thank you Jess for sharing your expertise!
reviewed by Jasmin
Jessica is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with. She has been walking me through the course of ACA program for a year already. I’ve done a lot of therapy before and I am coaching people as well, so I know how rare it is to find such a brilliant combination of a compassionate and mature specialist with such a deep and vast knowledge of psychology, high awareness on trauma, PTSD and addictions topics. With all the professional boundaries held, it still feels like you're talking to a loving friend. Being incredibly warm and fun herself, Jess carefully walks you through the process of healing, providing the instruments to learn, feel better, grow and basically thrive in life.
reviewed by Dasha
Extremely clear and well presented, also very informative.Prompted self reflection and guided partipant to think differently and question personal negative/limiting beliefs. Had a friendly tone, and helped me see that its common to struggle with mental health, and that there's ways to improve it
reviewed by Myra Fricker
Awareness Of Mental Wellbeing
Paul is a genuine and caring man with no malice in his heart. I'm not the kind of person who puts my trust into anything or anyone. Paul is teaching me how to address parts of my life that I've hidden from even myself. Everytime I get to chat with him, I walk away feeling better about other people and more importantly, myself. He is younger than I am but his emotional IQ is second to none. Very professional, nonjudgmental and hjelps me to see things from a self loving and caring perspective that I never knew existed in myself and has become a loved and appreciated friend. I can't thank him enough for what he's doing for me in my own life. Definitely one of a kind. Damned glad to call him my friend as well.
reviewed by Jeff
Meditation with Paul Martin
This course provides very clear advice and information on mental wellbeing. I think it is appropriate for people with any level of knowledge in the subject, these are fantastic lessons that we all need to know well and learn again and again! Throughout the course there are some references and personal touches from the creater which help to remind participants that these issues effect all of us! We're all human and sometimes need help, advice and some grounding. I loved this course v much!
reviewed by Laura Power
Awareness Of Mental Wellbeing
Paul is everything you want in an meditation instructor; calm, kind, patient and very good at explaining various techniques to find the one that suits you the most. It’s been a fantastic and useful experience and I can’t recommend Paul high enough.
reviewed by Petra Nahlikova
Meditation with Paul Martin
I came to Paul's classes as I was trying to find a way to peace through meditation. I found Paul to be incredibly kind, giving with his time, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable ❤ If you are considering meditation, I would highly recommend starting your journey with Paul.
reviewed by Sue Reynolds
Meditation Plus
Ii joined Paul's meditation a few months ago when i was in desperate need of some sort of peace and serenity. Even though i've done meditation in the past i was not able to pick it up again on my own and decided to give Paul's meditation a go. Thank you Paul for helping me to find my inner peace again! Thank you for showing me that even disturbing noise can be silenced Thank you for showing me to be one with my body, mind and soul. You have taught me so many ways of meditation in such a short time and your perceptive way of teaching has brought a group of strangers close through meditation and comfort in every single session. Keep doing what you're doing Paul, I thank you!
reviewed by Jay
Meditation Plus

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a technique you discovered to be fully present and absorbed in the moment without passing judgment on anything. Mindfulness assists you in managing your feelings, thoughts and overall mental health.


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